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Online Valium Uk, Buy Valium 5Mg

When transplanting delicate tissue cultures, protection of roots and callus is critical. Balancing this with speed and efficiency can be tricky and stressful. With this in mind, Grow-Tech created the ZenPlug for tissue culture starts. An open plug shape allows for the precise and rapid placement of large callused plants such as orchids and trees in the center of the plug. With a single hand motion, the ZenPlug easily folds around fragile roots. The s-shaped interior holds the roots firmly but gently in place and gives young plants the optimal environment for root growth.

Let the ZenPlug reduce the stress of planting your tissue culture production.

Grower Benefits:

  • Easier and faster planting of tissue culture plants
  • Shorter rooting period
  • Optimal aeration
  • pH balanced
  • Even dry down


EP 3000314 A1

Contact Grow-Tech to get started!

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