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Roche Valium Online Uk, Online Apotheek Valium

Roche Valium Online Uk, Online Apotheek Valium

Our production process allows us to fill most North American and European configurations. We have been filling custom trays for our customers for years. Buy Diazepam Pharmastores our team to discuss your specific needs.

Image Cell Count Cell Type Brand TRUE Tray Width Tray Length Cell Height Cell Width Dibble Size
50 Square Dongjin Plastics No 11.02″ 21.26″ 1.97″ 1.85″ 4mm
50 Square Landmark Plastics Yes 10″ 20″ 1.63″ 1.45″ 4mm, Triple
50 Round TO Plastics No 11.5″ 21.5″ 1.75″ 1.95″ 4mm
60 Strip Dillen No 10″ 20″ 3″ 4mm
72 Strip Dillen No 10″ 20″ 2.13″ 4mm
72 Round East Jordan Plastics Yes 10″ 20″ 2″ 1.25″ 6mm, TC microplug
72 Square Landmark Plastics No 11.05″ 21.38″ 1.75″ 1.25″ 4mm
72 Round TO Plastics No 11.5″ 21.5″ 1.58″ 1.65″ 6mm
78 Strip Blackmore No 10.75″ 21″ 1.875″ 1.38″ X 1.38″ 4mm
78 Strip TO Plastics Yes 10″ 20″ 2″ 1.13″ 4mm, double
84 Hex Landmark Plastics NA NA NA NA NA 4mm
98 Square Dongjin Plastics No 11.02″ 21.26″ 1.97″ 1.5″ 4mm
98 Round East Jordan Plastics Yes 10″ 20″ 1.625″ 1.3125″ 6mm
105 Square Dongjin Plastics No 11.02 21.26″ 1.97″ 1.33″ 4mm
105 Hex Landmark Plastics No 10.68″ 20.99″ 1.5″ 1.25″ x 1.38″ 4mm
128 Square Dongjin Plastics No 11.02″ 23.58″ 1.97″ 1.2″ 6mm
128 Square TO Plastics No 11″ 21.5″ 2″ 1.19″ 6mm
144 Round Dillen Yes 10″ 20″ 1.63″ 0.94″ 4mm
162 Square TO Plastics No 11″ 21.5″ 1.75″ 1.07″ 6mm
200 Square East Jordan Plastics Yes 10″ 20″ 1.25″ 0.875″ 6mm
200 Square ITML Horticultural Products No 11″ 21.5″ 1.5″ 0.94″ 4mm
288 Square Landmark Plastics No 11.05″ 21.38″ 1″ 0.75″ SEED
384 Strip Blackmore No 10.75″ 21.25″ 1″ .56″ X .63″ SEED