Grower direct orders available in pallet and truckload quantities

Stabilized Peat Plugs for the Professional Grower

FlexiPlugs are created by blending the highest quality peat with other organics and a foam binder. The result is a stabilized propagation medium that promotes faster rooting for cuttings while providing the consistent moisture needed for seed germination. Our pH balanced plug also contains micronutrients and active biologicals so it has all the elements needed to promote healthy root growth and young plant vigor.

Standard and Custom Plug Sizes for Commercial Growers


Grow-Tech's FlexiPlugs in Beaver Plastics Tray

FlexiPlugs come in several industry standard sizes. Grow-Tech’s team can also work with you to produce a custom plug for your system. Dibbles can be added to FlexiPlugs to allow for maximum stem to soil contact. Call us to discuss your specific crop needs.

FlexiPlugs are certified kosher.

Benefits for Plants

  • Improved aeration
  • pH balanced
  • Higher water holding capacity and even dry down
  • Customized with micronutrients and biologicals

Benefits for Growers

  • Greater control over production processes
  • Faster rooting
  • Less mess on the bench
  • Earlier & easier transplanting
  • Greater initial densities
  • Uniformity in the greenhouse
  • Works with automated transplanting machinery

Ideal for all markets