FlexiMix®: Cellular Rooting Sponge® Technology in a Loose Mix

Growers wanting a more consistent mix have chosen FlexiMix for over 30 years.


FlexiMix is a peat based potting soil that is manufactured in a process similar to Grow-Tech’s FlexiPlugs®. The resulting rooting sponge is then shredded into a granular material. FlexiMix has high air filled porosity and a uniquely high water holding capacity. This means not only greater water retention (and thus less watering by you) but an aggregate structure that will not allow over watering. FlexiMix also contains a blend of organic substrates, micronutrients and active biologicals that will ensure your young plants thrive.

FlexiMix resists soil compaction longer than traditional mixes which makes it an excellent choice for urban plantings such as street trees and turf repair in high traffic areas. This characteristic provides a better growing environment for your plants and means less work for you. Call us to discuss your specific crop needs.

FlexiMix® is certified kosher.

Benefits for Plants

  • Improved aeration
  • pH balanced
  • Higher water holding capacity and even dry down

Benefits for Growers

  • Less watering
  • Reduced compaction

Ideal for Horticulture, Interior Landscaping, & Landscaping.