FlexiLine® Machinery

Grow-Tech’s FlexiLine® Technology in a Turnkey System

Manufacture your own FlexiTrays® with Grow-Tech’s Cellular Rooting Sponge® technology.

The FlexiLine® Grow-Tech's line of Machinery
The FlexiLine production system, which manufactures FlexiTrays, is now available for your greenhouse or manufacturing facility. The FlexiLine tray-­filling system blends organic materials with Grow-Tech’s foam binders. The result is a stabilized plug in each cell of the propagation tray.

Grow-Tech has over 30 years of experience manufacturing stabilized growing media. FlexiLine technology produces propagation trays that reduce transplant shock and allow for automation at any stage. The blend of organic substrates and Grow-Tech’s foam binder increase aeration and water retention. The dibbled holes and sponge-like composition of the plugs allow for uniform wicking, rapid re-hydration, and greater initial densities. Automation is possible at any stage of young plant development.

Technical assistance is provided to guide you in optimizing the system for your crop and culture practice. You will have the freedom to use your media, your tray and your facility. Grow-Tech, in addition to providing a turnkey production line, will remotely perform diagnostics and maintenance repairs on your system. Call us to discuss your specific crop needs.

Benefits of FlexiLine Products

  • Faster rooting
  • Greater initial densities
  • Earlier transplanting
  • Fewer transplant losses
  • Rapid re-hydration

Ideal for Aquaponics, Floriculture, Horticulture, Hydroponics, Microgreens