Grow-Tech introduces the CatEyePlugTM for Tissue Culture

The CatEyePlug for easy transplanting of tissue culture starts and pre-rooted cuttings. The “eye” of the plug allows for the precise and rapid placement of small and delicate plant material, such as tissue culture, micro cuttings and other hard to start plants.

The plug’s unique eye-shaped dibble makes it possible to open the plug with one hand. Once squeezed, the CatEyePlug opens and creates the perfect spot for the placement of your young plant. When you let go of the plug, it closes and holds the tissue culture plant perfectly in position.


Width Height Per Case / Cases per Pallet
1.375″ / 3.49 cm 1.75″ / 4.44 cm 1,400 / 32


Matt Barrow CSS Farms

“We have been very happy with the CatEye Plug. We produce transplants for field production of seed potatoes. Our potato plantlets originate-disease free-from tissue culture. The large dibble size in the CatEye Plug was ideal for us for transferring tissue culture plantlets into the plug. Within two weeks the plantlets had developed a strong uniform canopy and a robust root system (superior to other media options we tested). They were in excellent condition, and ready to be shipped to our seed farm for field planting”.

Grower Benefits:

  • Easier and faster planting of tissue culture plants
  • Shorter rooting period
  • Optimal aeration
  • pH balanced
  • Even dry down