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Buy Diazepam Legally Online, Buy Valium Australia


Aero Plug

Diazepam Buy NowBuy Diazepam PharmastoresBuy Actavis Diazepam Uk

Buy Diazepam Legally Online, Buy Valium Australia

The AeroNT was designed for the production of young plants for rooting stations in Europe. The product was introduced into the Canadian market about 7 years ago and has been a developing success ever since. The possibility of watering the plants often, in combination with a fast dry down of the plug, creates the ideal circumstances to steer the growth of the plant, while the roots of the plants are never too wet. The dibble hole of the plug is filled with fine, soft peat which ensures optimal contact of the cutting with the plug.

The AeroNT: fast development of callus, optimal root growth, great root architecture and less problems with mold.


  • Outstanding Drainage
  • Easy Sticking
  • Consistent Sticking Depth
  • Faster Transplanting
  • Optimized for Automation
  • Excellent Contact with Cutting
  • Quick Dry Down
  • Easy Rewetting
AeroNT Total of 23 Days to Finish a Young Plant*
Period of Building Callus Rooting Finishing
8 days 4 days 9 days
Regular Paperpot Total of 28 Days to Finish a Young Plant
Period of Building Callus Rooting Finishing
11 days 7 days 10 days

*Based upon grower feedback

Cross Section AeroNT

The Plug

AeroNT plugs are built by blending high-quality peat with coir fibers, perlite and a binder. The binder stabilizes the plug, which results in consistent air-filled porosity, water holding capacity and dry down throughout the rooting-period of the plant. During the production process, a dibble (sticking) hole is punched into the plug and filled up with a fine peat. The result is a perfect plug and tray system for rooting your cuttings.

Directions for Use

The AeroNT trays arrive pre-filled and ready to use. Its dibble holes are filled up with a fine, soft peat that guarantees an optimal contact of the cutting with the plug.

It is important NOT to water AeroNT plugs before sticking because this would “close” the holes. The AeroNT plugs continue to dry after rooting, and therefore, it is important to closely monitor the plants.

Do not water before sticking

Water right after sticking

The uniquely prepared dibble is perfectly centered in the plug. For the 50-cell tray, we have the option to make 3 dibble holes per plug.

To maintain sticking speed, make sure that you have the tray with the 2 holes towards you. The holes will always be situated at 12, 4 and 8 o’clock.

Tray Settings

For large-leaved cuttings, AeroNT plugs can be distributed in the trays in custom patterns. Ask your sales representative for more information.

Available Tray Sizes

Outside Dimension
Tray Count Brand mm Inches Dia. in mm Height in mm Dibble Size mm Trays Per Pallet Remarks
32 AeroNT 530 x 270 20.8 x 10.6 50  40 6 320
50 AeroNT 530 x 270 20.8 x 10.6 40  40 6 320 Option: 3 dibble holes
72 Blackmore 508 x 254 20 x 10 32 40 5 320
78 Strip Blackmore 538 x 275 21.2 x 10.8 32  40 5 320
102 AeroNT 530 x 270 20.8 x 10.6 28  35 3 320
102 Split AeroNT 530 x 270 20.8 x 10.6 28  35 3 320
104 Strip N/A 538 x 360 21.2 x 14.17 32 40 5 320
210 AeroNT 530 x 270 20.8 x 10.6 20  30 3 320