The Golden Trio

Quick Plug Growing System offers a series of plugs that ensure strong, healthy and active root systems. The plugs retain sufficient moisture during transport to avoid the risk of dehydration.

The Xcel Plug ensures uniform growth, is easy to rehydrate and perfectly suited for automated processes. The Xcellent Plug also guarantees minimal root damage and is very easy to transplant. The Xtract Plug is also extremely easy to remove from the trays and all the plants will quickly establish and grow after repotting.

Read more about them in this Q&A with Quick Plug Growing Systems John van der Maarel.

The substrates from Quick Plug are made using organic materials. The precise composition is determined in consultation with the customer. The organic material is stabilized to create a sponge-like structure: airy and with a good water holding capacity. This makes it quick and easy to rehydrate the substrate.

All the plugs from Quick Plug are ready to use: no need for any treatments beforehand. The plugs are extremely suitable for automated systems (such as selection and planting robots) and always retain their dimensional stability. In addition, the plugs are compostable and our substrate is non-flammable.

Read more at Quick Plug’s website. These plugs are being brought to the American market by Grow-Tech.