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Order Valium Overnight Delivery, Valium Online Sverige

Order Valium Overnight Delivery, Valium Online Sverige

Quick Plug B.V. (Quick Plug), an affiliate of Grow-Tech Inc. (USA) and Omni Growing Solutions Inc. (Canada), owns a European patent that includes the exclusive right to the production and commercial exploitation of a certain type of rooting plug. This type of plug is being used worldwide by, amongst others, leading orchid growers.

Quick Plug has taken note of the fact that Van der Knaap Groep produces and markets a rooting plug called “Bookplug”. Together with experts, Quick Plug has researched the Bookplug and their joint opinion is that Van der Knaap Groep is infringing Quick Plug’s patent.

Parties have made several attempts to resolve this dispute. Van der Knaap Groep was offered a license, which would entitle them to exploit the Bookplug commercially. Unfortunately, Van der Knaap Groep was not willing to accept a license, regardless of the conditions.

Patents are a valuable asset for Quick Plug. Quick Plug invests substantial time and funds in the development of new technologies and the protection thereof. As a result of this situation, Quick Plug is forced to take legal action against Van der Knaap Groep. Quick Plug respects the intellectual property rights of third parties and expects the same from them.