Superior Growing Media for Horticulture

FlexiTrays® and FlexiPlugs® give young plants a stronger start.


By choosing Grow-Tech media, you’ll see the difference throughout the life of your container plants — whether it’s in fewer transplant losses or shorter growing times. Grow-Tech’s plugs are a blend of peat and other organics with a foam binder. They excel in automated operations without injuring the roots of young plants. FlexiPlugs are shipped loose. FlexiTrays contain plugs in a ready-to-use tray. With either product, you’ll notice fewer handling issues and see more labor savings in the growing cycle.

Grow-Tech will work with you to create a custom formulation. Micronutrient charges can be added to the mix resulting in better uptake of macronutrients for stronger growth. Active beneficial microbes can also be added to enhance plant growth. Pre-filled trays are available in most US and European configurations. Order pre-filled trays or loose plugs in bulk for reloading. Call us to discuss your specific crop needs.

FlexiPlugs and FlexiTrays are uniformly manufactured and designed to retain their physical and chemical properties:

  • Absorb just the right amount of water without compacting
  • Can be dried completely and will re-wet easily
  • Resist compression

The plug design promotes:

    • Aeration and hydration
    • Root zone insulation in the cold and heat
    • Longer hold times for slower growing crops