The Optimal Growing Media for Forestry

Flexi products protect young trees during mechanized processes.


Foresters have used FlexiPlugs® and FlexiTrays® to successfully start deciduous and coniferous trees including loblolly, white and red pine. Our media provide optimal water retention and aeration and promote quick rooting of cuttings. The stabilized aspect of Flexi products gives forestry companies more freedom when it comes to transporting and transplanting young seedlings.

The FlexiTray consists of stabilized plugs in a pre-filled ready-to-use propagation tray which allows for automation at any stage of plant development. Grow-Tech maintains several industry standard trays within our inventory. The production process we use can fill most North American and European configurations. Grow-Tech will also work with you to develop a custom formula to meet the needs of specialty crops. Plugs can be predibbled to foster the optimum environment for seed germination or to maximize stem to soil contact for cuttings. Call us to discuss your specific crop needs.

Benefits of the Flexi Range of Products

Durability and strength in mechanized operations:

  • Large crop volumes can be planted with great speed
  • Uniform plugs calibrated to fit your machine specifications
  • Protection of young plants from machine handling

Increased transplant rates:

  • Our largest customer reports a 20% increase in the number of seedlings that survive mechanical transplant because the stabilized media reduces shock.

Technology fits all aspects of the process:

  • From tissue culture to transplant in the same medium
  • Can be autoclaved/pasteurized
  • Formulations optimized for tissue culture (TC) and somatic embryogenesis (SE)