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Buy Thai Valium Online - Valium Buying Online

Your hydroponic growing media should do several things: wick and retain water, provide a stable pH, drain well and not fall apart so your system stays clean. Grow-Tech offers the hydroponic grower several product lines with these characteristics. Our FlexiPlug® and FlexiTray® growing medium is optimized for all industry standard systems: Nutrient Film Technique, Ebb & Flow, Deep Water Raft, Aeroponic, and Drip.

We have been working with hydroponic and aquaponic companies all over the U.S. and our product is proven to work for all systems.

Four Images Aquaponic Hydroponic Growing Systems

Buy Diazepam Uk 10Mg Online Valium Australia Buy Diazepam 5Mg Valium 2Mg Online

Buy Thai Valium Online - Valium Buying Online

Buy Thai Valium Online - Valium Buying Online

The FlexiTray advantage is that they are easy to use. The trays are pre-filled and dibbled with a hole for the seeds. Careful watering is essential in the germination phase due to the plugs superior water holding capacity. Once the seed is rooted and the roots are growing out of the plug, this is no longer an issue.

TO 128 and TO 162 trays are suitable for a floating raft system and work  well with lettuce and herbs such as basil and watercress.

If you choose to have your crop sitting higher up in the raft, a TO 105 would do the job for you.


FlexiPlugs are often used by customers who like to use their own trays. Both the 169 and 23×40 sized plugs fit in a floating raft.

For NFT Systems:

NFT systems (Nutrient Film Technique) need a product that retains its structure so your filters won’t clog. There are many different types/sizes of NFT systems and the holes in channel covers have several different diameters. Grow-Tech offers a variety of sizes for the industry to meet your needs. For instance the TO 72 is suitable for a 2″ diameter hole.

For Vertical Towers:

Vertical growing like the use of ZipGrow Towers is a trend which is growing rapidly in the US and abroad. For this system, the Flexiplug® 23×40 and 169 are commonly used.

Other sizes will also work depending on the design and cell requirements of the vertical growing system.

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