Growing Media for Agritecture

Architecture and agriculture are joining forces to design buildings that support food production.

Agri-tecture and Grow_Tech Growing Media

Increasing demands on a limited land and water supply have led to exciting changes in how we think about growing food. Living walls, small hydroponic systems that grow lettuce in living rooms and growing vertically are all innovations in food production. These systems require specialized media to support the growth of plants. Grow-Tech can work with designers and maintenance specialists to engineer a growing medium with the particular characteristics you need. FlexiPlug® is well suited for agritectural applications because it maintains its shape which reduces mess, and it resists compaction.

One of Grow-Tech’s most recent advancements is our newly patented compostable* textile, BioStrate® Felt. It is made specifically for growing microherbs, specialty greens, and wheatgrass. This lightweight fabric wicks and retains water while providing a 100% biobased environment for dense healthy root development. Call us to discuss your specific crop needs.

*BioStrate is compostable under industrial composting conditions.