Grow-Tech’s Cellular Rooting Sponge® for Living Walls

We customize media formulations for specific water retention characteristics.

Grow-Tech Growing Media and Living Walls

Living walls are a popular innovation and many systems exist. The role of living walls (or green walls) in temperature regulation, storm-water catchment, and air quality is well known. However, as many systems are relatively new, long-term maintenance issues are being discovered and addressed. This is where Grow-Tech and our Cellular Rooting Sponge technology come in. We understand that these applications can create some of the toughest management situations such as keeping all media evenly moist. Grow-Tech works with living wall designers, growers and maintenance companies to create custom media formulations that ensure consistently even water distribution. Call us to discuss your specific crop needs.

Benefits for Plants

  • Improved aeration
  • pH balanced
  • High water holding capacity and even dry down
  • Wicks evenly

Benefits for Growers

  • Less mess
  • Less maintenance
  • Does not erode
  • Easy to use