Landscaping with Grow-Tech’s Cellular Rooting Sponge® Technology

Our medium provides a consistently moist environment for containers and urban plantings.

Urban Landscaping with Grow-Tech Growing Media
FlexiMix® is an excellent choice in a number of landscape applications:

  • Turf building in high traffic areas
  • Container plantings and hanging baskets
  • Street trees
  • Planted retaining walls
  • Sidewalk plantings

FlexiMix is manufactured in a process similar to Grow-Tech’s FlexiPlugs®. High quality peat and other organics are mixed with a foam binder. The resulting rooting sponge is then shredded into a granular material which has a uniquely high water holding capacity. This means not only greater water retention (and thus, less watering by you) but an aggregate structure that will not allow over watering. FlexiMix also contains a blend of micronutrients and biologicals that will ensure that plants thrive in your landscapes. Call us to discuss your specific crop needs.

Benefits  at a Glance

  • Uniquely high water holding capacity
  • Optimal aeration
  • Resists compaction
  • pH balanced
  • Blended with micronutrients & biologicals