Cellular Rooting Sponge®: the technology behind Grow-Tech’s soil-less growing media

Grow-Tech's Soil-Less Growing Media

Grow-Tech’s FlexiPlug®s and FlexiTray®s are manufactured by blending high quality peat and other organics with a hydrophilic foam binder. The result is a stabilized grow plug that produces faster rooting for cuttings and young plants. Faster rooting is a result of the FlexiPlug’s superior aeration and water retention.

Our line of soil-less stabilized growing media is perfect for commercial hydroponic and aquaponic farms. Our grow plugs are also widely used in floriculture, horticulture & forestry.

This sponge-like quality means:

  • Less mess on the bench
  • Earlier & easier transplanting
  • Greater initial densities
  • Uniformity in the greenhouse
  • Works with automated transplanting machine

Grow-Tech’s Cellular Rooting Sponge technology is designed to give your plants a stronger start!