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Quick Plug Growing System offers a series of plugs that ensure strong, healthy and active root systems. The plugs retain sufficient moisture during transport to avoid the risk of dehydration. The Xcel Plug ensures uniform growth, is easy to rehydrate and perfectly suited for automated processes. The Xcellent Plug also...

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by Matt McClellan for Nursery Management Quick Plug Growing Systems, based in the Netherlands, produces and sells hundreds of millions of plugs annually. After being acquired by Dümmen Orange in 2017, Quick Plug and Grow-Tech are working to increase the company’s international growth. Quick Plug’s products provide substrate from tissue...

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by: Peter Konjoian for Nursery Management Most growers have conducted product trials in their commercial greenhouses and nurseries at one time or another. The objective of on-site trials is usually to compare a product or practice that is currently being used to a product or practice that is presented as...

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Hard-to-start plants such as micro cuttings, tissue culture plants and those created from somatic embryogenesis are extremely vulnerable when going from laboratory conditions to greenhouse conditions. Growers know all too well how frustrating that can be. The truth is, the wrong growing media can slow down a fragile root system’s...

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Bill Maartense, managing director with Omni Growing Solutions, Inc., answers growers’ questions for Nursery Management readers about the AeroNT bonded media plug system. The AeroNT is a quick-rooting, pre-dibbled plug that can create a well-developed cutting. We spoke with Bill Maartense, managing director with Omni Growing Solutions, Inc., about the...

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by Peter Konjoian, Nursery Management Plant propagation plays a vital role in the profitability of most commercial horticultural operations. While today’s comments are slanted toward traditional nursery operations specializing in woody plant species (trees, shrubs, etc.), most of the principles cross over to herbaceous plant species that bedding plant growers...

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Seeds can be a major expense in a growing operation so you want to make every seed count. What can you do to maximize your germination rates? Several factors effect success in getting seeds to sprout and root. Seed Quality First, start with high quality seed. Purchase from reputable sources that...

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Grow-Tech, a 30-year veteran of the stabilized growing media industry, announces the release of PUREgrown hemp-felt. The PUREgrown hemp-felt is OMRI listed and is manufactured in the USA from 100% natural fibers grown without the use of pesticides or herbicides. PUREgrown hemp-felt combines superior growing characteristics specifically formulated for the...

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South Portland, ME, June 21st, 2016- Grow-Tech, an industry veteran in the manufacture of stabilized growing media, announces the launch of our newest product, ZenPlugTM (patent pending), for easy transplanting of tissue culture starts and pre-rooted cuttings. The open plug shape allows for the precise and rapid placement of large...

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First, An Ode to Plastic Ah, plastic! It really is a miracle substance that is so much a part of our everyday life and so integral to the agriculture and horticulture industries, it’s hard to imagine life without it. The evolution of the container seems to have peaked with plastic....

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