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Seeds can be a major expense in a growing operation so you want to make every seed count. What can you do to maximize your germination rates? Several factors effect success in getting seeds to sprout and root. Seed Quality First, start with high quality seed. Purchase from reputable sources that...

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Greenhouse manufacturers meet growers early in the process of starting a new business and maintain the relationship potentially throughout the life of the greenhouse. They know a thing or two about starting a greenhouse business and building it from the ground up. Phil Bishop of Stuppy Greenhouse has recently posted...

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At Grow-Tech, we are careful about using the word biodegradable to describe our products. In fact, we don’t use it at all. Why? Because generally, there is a difference between what biodegradable actually means and what the general public thinks it means, and we want our messaging to be clear....

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Here is a video we made on BioStrate® Felt. BioStrate is a biobased propagation felt used in the hydroponic production of microgreens, salad greens and wheatgrass. This video was shoot at Olivia’s Garden in New Gloucester, Maine. To learn more about BioStrate click this link. Enjoy!

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