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Seeds can be a major expense in a growing operation so you want to make every seed count. What can you do to maximize your germination rates? Several factors effect success in getting seeds to sprout and root. Seed Quality First, start with high quality seed. Purchase from reputable sources that...

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Greenhouse manufacturers meet growers early in the process of starting a new business and maintain the relationship potentially throughout the life of the greenhouse. They know a thing or two about starting a greenhouse business and building it from the ground up. Phil Bishop of Stuppy Greenhouse has recently posted...

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Water makes things clean, right? Whether you have clean water to start with, though, is uncertain. It may contain particulate matter, pathogens, excessive minerals or chemicals. This is particularly noteworthy when it comes to hydroponic systems. For growers, the quality of your water is of paramount importance. “Poor quality water...

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LED’s have been shown to be effective for all types of controlled environment agriculture, whether you run a greenhouse or indoor farm, grow annuals or hydroponic lettuce. The use of LED’s as supplemental greenhouse lighting and sole source lighting for indoor operations has received a great deal of press in...

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Valium Online India

At Grow-Tech, we are careful about using the word biodegradable to describe our products. In fact, we don’t use it at all. Why? Because generally, there is a difference between what biodegradable actually means and what the general public thinks it means, and we want our messaging to be clear....

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Grow-Tech will be expanding our presence at Cultivate this year. Visit booth #1700 to see our new thirty foot display! We look forward to meeting new growers and suppliers as well as introducing the industry to new products in our line.

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Grow-Tech’s FlexiTrays are a ready-to-use propagation system that will increase the efficiency of your greenhouse by allowing for earlier transplanting, better crop timing and full automation. Both hydroponic and traditional greenhouse growers use FlexiTrays for rooting cuttings and seed germination. Our growing media is pH balanced and can be formulated to...

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Here is a quick video we made highlighting FlexiTrays® and FlexiPlugs®. Enjoy!

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For Immediate Release Portland, ME, U.S.A.-December 15th, 2014- Grow-Tech’s product line of growing media is sold all over the world, but it’s also being put to use much closer to home. Portland Arts and Technology High School’s (PATHS) Landscape & Garden Program, led by instructor Kathy Tarpo, set up an...

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An Interview with Scott Howard of Olivia’s Garden Below is an interview we conducted with Scott Howard of Olivia’s Garden in New Gloucester, Maine. The video is meant for those interested in starting their own commercial hydroponic operation. Scott shares information on what it is like to run a commercial...

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