Grow-Tech Manufactures Stabilized Growing Media to Give Young Plants a Stronger Start

Grow-Tech’s Advanced Rooting Substrate Technology

What makes Grow-Tech’s rooting sponge technology unique is the manufacturing process. We blend high quality peat and other organics with a hydrophilic foam binder. The result is a stabilized growing media that produces faster rooting for cuttings and seedlings by providing superior aeration and water retention. Commercial growers all over the world rely on Grow-Tech’s Flexi range of products to give their plants a stronger start.

A Company That Responds to a Constantly Changing Industry

At Grow-Tech, we design innovative products to meet the evolving needs of our industry partners. We believe in investing our time and resources in finding the highest quality organic ingredients for our products. We continually research and develop cutting edge technologies to build a better, greener product.